Religion or Rationality? Nigerian man Narrates His Story.

Religion or Rationality?

Let’s discuss.

I agree that I am both a rational and a religious being. like me, majority of humans are both religious and rational, some humans me inclusive believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, others believe in Mohammed while the rest believe in ancestral spirits and gods too numerous to mention.

When I walk round on Sundays I see lots of religious organizations with different believes, I come on facebook I see lots of posts portraying contrary views about Christianity, I see people who get offended each time their faith is attacked, some are ready to fight each time their religious leaders are questioned. I have seen some who believe that anyone who attacks a religious leader will be killed or struck with sudden illness, some believe that whatever their religious leaders say is very correct, I have also seen women who respect their religious leaders more than their husbands, I have seen religious leaders scatter lots of homes with unfounded prophecies.

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I have also seen men who should be very rational behave irrationally because of religion, few months ago, I was with a very senior friend, he brought out olive oil and started drinking, I was very disappointed and I began to make him understand how ignorant he was to have done that, for the records, olive oil is like normal kings vegetable oil used for frying, it’s not meant for drinking, all he told me was that I should stick to what works for me.

Then I asked, is the Bible not a rational book? the Bible is not just rational it’s also scientifically accurate, before scientists discovered that the earth was spherical the Bible already foretold it more than two thousand years ago.

I have been forced to believe that ignorance is a necessity and a creterion for being religious, many religious people are afraid that each time they question certain doctrines that an unknown religious being will strike them dead but that’s a lie. I can remember how Marthin Luther king jnr and his followers questioned some doctrines which now resulted to what we enjoy today as freedom of worship.

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It’s necessary to state without hesitation that rationality is needed in religion as the maker of religion has given us freewill to choose between good and evil, wise king Solomon would have told the two women to go that God will fight for the child and it’s owner but no he used his God given rationality to settle the matter.


It’s instructive for religious people to understand that God can not be mocked, we must always wear our thinking cap and ask questions when necessary, we must do what is right irrespective of what we are told in our places of worship, we must understand that the Bible is available to all to read and understand and that nobody has monopoly of understanding the Bible.

I have seen plenty of people with ulcer fast for weeks, they claim that since they are doing the work of God that no harm will come to them, it’s a pity.

As humans, as higher animals the difference between us and other animals is rationality, think about it.

Didia Sofinichi, writes from Port Harcourt.

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