Religion, a Blessing or a Curse to humanity? ~Didia Sofinichi. Let’s Discuss.

Religion, a blessing or a curse to humanity?

Just as money is the root of all evil, religion is the root of all struggles, disagreements and pains. (Didia 2020)

When I write about religion, I do not have the intention of ridiculing any brand. My lamentation is not targeted at any branch of religion but the tree itself.

Observing the rhetorics of human existence will make any sane human understand the fact that religion has led many nations and individuals to war, it has broken families, separated friends and have incited the deaths of thousands. Religion has also sabotaged well meaning struggles, people have learnt not to side with the truth but to show sympathy for people of same religion.

Religion has separated lovers. I know a lot of people who couldn’t get married because their parents wanted them to have spouse of same religion.

People are suffering a lot of religious inflicted pains and this has made me to think that the world would have been better of without religion.

Religion is taught through indoctrination and people have learnt not to ask or question certain doctrines out of fear.

A lot of people have been enslaved by religion, they have lost their rational and logical sense that makes them human.

Some believe that when they ask questions and challenge some unrealistic doctrines that a super natural being somewhere will strike them dead and this have led so many to self imposed slavery.

A lot of people are victims of religion because of fear of death.

Religion no doubt played a role in bring to an abrupt end the ongoing #Endsars struggle. I write to make people understand that no supreme being anywhere will strike you dead for asking questions.

It’s also my desire to make people understand the need to align with the truth always as against our religious standings.


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