Love or Lost: An Introduction. Lets Discuss.

Love or Lost: An Introduction.

Love or Lost

Often times, every moment, I have tried to ascertain in my own way the meaning of love.

Love is one of the most used abstract word by many, its in the lips of all but only a very little minority understands its rightful meaning.

“Goalessly” roaming the streets of port Harcourt and seeing humanity wallowing in misery and unexplainable poverty, I have come to agree that love as used by many is selfish.

Majority of humans living on earth are not just poor, they are suffering a condition worse than poverty.

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I see people whose need is just to see something to eat no matter what it is.

Some just want clothes to put on and others just want a roof over their head.

Love in its truest form is manifest in lending a helping hand to someone who do not have any prospect of reciprocating same, it can be seen in bathing an armless man, leading a blind man and helping a lame man walk.

We live in a society where penury, agony and pains are the main features of humanity. A society where silence and smiles are the only ways majority of humanity are compelled to express their suffering and dissatisfaction.

Thank God for religion, religion have given hope to the hopeless, spiritual food to those who are physically hungry, heavenly shelter to those who are homeless on earth, spiritual security to those who are helpless. What an opium of the masses.

Religion have made ignorant those who think they are literates, weak those who think they are strong and fearful those who think they are fearless. Interestingly, it has given Love to the lost.

This series “love or lost” will be quite dramatic, descriptive, illustrative, emotional and most importantly it will be very educative.

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The series will be published once every week and on Sundays precisely.

It will picture scenes and individuals will be allowed to make personal inference as to whether such scenes portray love or not. No doubt, where love is absent lost is present.

The End..

Sofido Reacts.

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