“God is Evil” Is God Evil? Please be the judge, Lets Discuss.

“God is Evil”

Is God evil? Please be the judge.

It was on a saturday night at exactly 11pm Nigeria time and Sofido was already set to attend Ben’s all white birthday party. Ben times without number had announced the date and venue of his birthday to the hearing of his entire course mates, his frequent announcement and reminder made his birthday an event every partying human wish never to miss. Ben is very rich, his outfit on daily basis betrays that fact.

As a lover of fendi designers, Ben will always put on a fendi shirt, trousers, wrist watch, shoes, underwear and even a fendi handkerchief, it was such that he even puts on fendi face mask to match each of his outfit. Each time Ben comes to class he is a beauty to behold, sometimes we roughly estimate Ben’s outfit and it was shocking to discover that each time Ben comes to class his clothes and accessories worth about six hundred and fifty thousand naira.

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We were certain that the birthday will be the talk of the town because when Ben attend other people’s birthday he spends lavishly how much more his own birthday. I vowed never to trade the party for anything.

My Dad as usual came out of his room to inspect the house, his inspection is to check if the house was properly locked, security lights on and windows closed. He saw how restless I was and questioned me to find out the cause of my restlessness but he got no reasonable response from me. In his wisdom he suspected I want to leave the house and was probably waiting for him to sleep. He advised me not to leave the house, while he advised me he enumerated possible dangers and consequences of late night outing, to him I could be robbed, kidnapped or even get killed, while he advised me I felt he was old fashioned and doesn’t understand the realities of the 21st century.

He spoke for thirty minutes after which he retired to his room, the party was to start exactly 12am and I was still at home by 11:30pm, I hurried up, took one of his cars and left for the party, as envisaged the party was a show of class and a clear definition of enjoyment.

There were so much to eat and drink and even ladies were on standby, all you need is wave your hands in the direction of your desired lady and she is yours for the night, the ladies were so numerous that you can afford to have as many as five all at once, a gesture enjoyed by Ogoni people because of their strength and skillful nature on matters pertaining to romance.

It was a wonderful day, I took plenty of my favorite Heineken beer and some assorted meat. The party was scheduled for all night but at exactly 3am I decided to leave, Immediately I stood up to readjust my trousers which I had adjusted early to enable my stomach accommodate more food some men on uniform surrendered the venue of the party with heavily loaded guns, I looked at them closely and I was unable to associate thier uniform with a force or any paramilitary. The seriousness on their faces and there number made me realize that we were headed for trouble, I was able to count about twenty five of them, it was later that we realized they were thirty seven and not twenty five.


The men came in as if they were about arresting Osama Bin laden or his junior colleague Sadan Hussain. I was so terrified that my both legs started shaking and tears could be seen dropping from my eyes.

We all got arrested and taken to area command, it was discovered that Ben was a drug dealer and interpol police has been trialing him for over six months now, on hearing the news I agreed without hesitation, Ben was just twenty two and yet he was very wealthy even without an obvious business, interpol was reliably informed that Ben and his associates were having an end of year party, to them every body in attendance was an accomplice, we were taken to court the next morning and the judge handed jail terms to us, I got six months imprisonment while Ben got eleven years. The party was actually an end of year party but Ben wanted his friends in attendance that was why he claimed it was a birthday party.

I regretted my attendance, had I known was all I said thereafter.

Who was responsible for my ordeal, My Dad? Probably he would have chained me like an animal. Well he told me the dangers in late night outing and decided to allow me use my freewill to choose between good and evil.

Like my Dad, God has given us freewill to make our own choices, to choose between good and evil. like myself who decided to go for the party despite been told the possible dangers, we are the architect of our own fortune and misfortune. God is not evil, let’s learn to take responsibility.

The End….

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