A Collection of my Short Stories. Season 1 (Exposing societal ills through stories)

A Collection of my Short Stories. Season 1
(Exposing societal ills through stories)

Story Time

“Daddy I do not want to die, I know that one day you will get tired of rushing me to the hospital, I know it’s not easy rushing me to the hospital everyday and night”

“I will not let you die my son, I promise to do all I can to ensure you keep living” this was the conversation that took place between Donald and his son Biden.

Biden is eleven years old and he is seriously battling with life at the General Hospital, Biden is strong and wants to live by all means, but gradually he can feel life leaving his nostrils. Biden is a sickler.

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It was in the early days of 2010 when Trump and Hillary became attracted to each others. Trump and Hillary were course mates in the University of Medicine, as young lads in school, they fell in love and started seeing each others.

Trump and Hillary were so in love that observers and onlookers concluded that the story of Romeo and Juliet was written to mimick them. Infact, one of their lectures nick named them Jack and Rose.

The both lovers were so famous within the campus that they won the best couples on campus within the six years they spent in the medical college.

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After six years, they both graduated and wanted to take their relationship to the next level, as medical doctors, they ran series of tests and they both discovered that they have the same genotype “AS” . What a bad day for the love birds! They stood in silence for some minutes after which Hillary broke the silence by saying that ” Anything God can not do does not exist”

They were so in love that they couldn’t imagine separating, Hillary was the Mama of her fellowship during their school days, she called her Pastor and the pastor immediately called the Devil a lair.

Trump was rational but its not easy to resist an Akwa Ibom woman. Trump’s parents discouraged him from the marriage. Each time Trump felt weak, Hillary will energize him by asking him, where is your faith?

Finally they got married, it’s insane how people who the society believe should be rational have proven otherwise.

After marriage, Biden was begotten with a genotype of “SS”. Biden was rushed to the hospital in the midnight, morning, afternoon and evening. Hillary had to resign from work just to ensure that someone takes care of Biden in the hospital.

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The marriage became so terrible that they both became a shadow of themselves, they suffered and began to regret they did, they spent time and money yet no results. Hillary concluded that God has forsaken her because they hardly had money for their own personal luxury. At a point Hillary agreed that over six million naira has been spent on Biden and yet no result.

The love they both shared disappeared. You know what? Biden is dead, Trump blamed Hillary for all their misfortune and filed for divorce. The marriage ended

It’s wickedness for a man and a woman to get married knowing they ain’t compactible, even though love is blind, love will begin to see clearly when the consequences of attempting to cheat nature comes.

It would have been better if poor Biden lived and the parents paid with their own lives instead.

It’s terrible how people put God to test unnecessarily. We must understand that there are circumstances we must circumvent ourselves because God in his wisdom has given us the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

Rip Biden

The end.

Sofido Reacts.

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